Kids Run Flagstaff FAQs

Who can participate in Kids Run Flagstaff?

The program is open to all kids in 5th-12th grades.

What does the fee include?

The 12-month membership fee of $185 includes a uniform, track access, team insurance, and coaching. Travel, food, and accommodation for competition are not included in the fee. All fees must be paid prior to participating in practice. Note that membership renewal is based on 12-month memberships beginning on the date of registration. KRF is a program of Team Run Flagstaff, a nonprofit organization.

Where can I complete registration?

Please go to RunSignUp to complete Kids Run Flagstaff registration.

My child already runs TRF’s regular Tuesday practices for free. Can he/she continue in the free program?

Children who are not participating in the KRF program are welcomed to keep running at regular 6 p.m. TRF practices. Children who are under age 18 and are NOT registered for Kids Run Flagstaff may continue to participate in the regular 6 p.m. TRF practices ONLY with a parent who is a registered member of TRF (children are always welcomed to watch practice, too).

My family is experiencing financial hardship. Are there scholarships available?

We strive to make all TRF programs accessible and affordable for everybody. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are able to complete a scholarship application, please email the TRF executive director at

My child already competes for the school cross country and/or track team. Can he/she do both?

Yes! Our program is perfect for runners who’d like to extend their seasons past the scholastic state championship meets to simply continue running through the winter and summer. We realize that those who compete for school teams will be unable to attend KRF practices during their seasons, but we will warmly welcome them when those seasons are over. KRF coaches are respectful of the school coaches’ authority and training/competition requirements—we’re here to support and supplement what is already being executed at all the great programs in the Flagstaff schools.

What form of communication is used by the club to reach parents and athletes?

All communication will go to parents and come from the Team Run Flagstaff/Kids Run Flagstaff coaches and staff via (please make sure it is a safe address and that these messages don’t end up in your junk mail or spam folders). We will also communicate via the Team Run Flagstaff Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?

The athletes and parents are responsible for the cost of travel and meet registration. In the future, additional team apparel will be for sale, however purchase is optional. All proceeds benefit Team Run Flagstaff. A good pair of running shoes should also be purchased for the runner.

What running gear does my child need?

Your athlete will need a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and competition. Appropriate running attire should include athletic shorts and long and short-sleeved shirts. Runners should bring water to practices (please note that sports drinks and food are prohibited on all local Flagstaff tracks). Recommendation: please put your child’s name on all belongings.

Where can I buy running shoes and other gear?

We recommend Flagstaff’s only specialty running shop, where you’ll find knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right shoes for your athlete’s ability level and needs: Run Flagstaff (204A East Rt. 66).

What are the practice times and where?

KRF will practice year-round, though times will vary depending on track access and day light. During the winter, practices are at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays at the NAU indoor track, located at the Walkup Skydome (always check your email for the most up-to-date meeting information). During other seasons, Tuesdays will be on the NAU outdoor track at Lumberjack Stadium. Thursdays during the fall, spring, and summer, will be held at local park and on the urban trail. You’ll receive a monthly email called Calendar of Events, which will detail all practice locations each month.

Can my child sign up right now and train with the team?

Yes! We welcome new team members anytime. The $185 registration fee covers your runner for one year, beginning on the registration date.

My child has never run cross country or track before. Can TRF help?

KRF is designed for all ability levels. Our goal is to build a supportive team environment that emphasizes fun and fitness, while instilling a love of running as a life-long sport.

Is KRF year-round?

KRF is year-round. We will break during normal school vacations during the winter and spring, but we will continue practices throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Are practices mandatory?

Practices are NOT mandatory. We acknowledge that many interested kids are involved with their school teams and other activities that may inhibit their ability to make it to practices at certain times of the year. However, practice improves fitness and performance—as well as foster a strong team culture—and we encourage attendance as much as possible.

What are practices like?

Our program is for recreational and competitive runners alike. KRF will accommodate different age groups and levels of experience. The goal is to make practices fun and creative, while challenging team members to push themselves to achieve goals they may have not thought possible.

What is the weather policy for practice and competition?

The parent/guardian’s judgment always overrides TRF/KRF’s decision to hold practice or attend a competition during inclement weather. Practice will never be cancelled due to rain alone, but lightning will factor heavily into a cancellation. During the winter, we will make decisions on a weekly basis if there is snow (we will practice in the NAU Skydome once per week). Any cancellations throughout the year will be communicated no later than 60 minutes prior to practice, via TRF’s Facebook, Twitter, and email. You may also contact TRF’s coaches and staff at


All competitions are subject to delays and are not the responsibility of KRF and TRF staff or coaches. Anytime a parent decides that their child will not wait out a delay, the parent is obligated to inform the KRF coaches of that decision. Relays may be affected, which could influence other athletes’ decisions.

May parents watch practice?

We encourage all parents to watch practice or volunteer to help! For more information on becoming a KRF volunteer, please email

What do parent volunteers do?

The success of KRF is dependent on volunteers who are willing to assist during practice and meets. On Thursday practices, especially, we need parents who can help supervise the team on the trails, ensuring everybody is accounted for and also provide enthusiasm and support for all ability levels. Parents can also help with time keeping when appropriate, providing snacks, set-up and tear down of any TRF-sponsored events, and more. We highly encourage ALL parents to get involved!

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

We reserve the right to cancel practices and events at our discretion or when a matter might be out of our control. TRF/KRF does not grant membership or event refunds. If a special circumstance comes up within the first two weeks of registering a child for KRF, please email the TRF executive director at