Have a question?

Have a question about TRF Youth program? Visit the TRF Youth FAQ page!

How can I get on the listserv (email list)?

Our monthly calendar of events is sent to registered TRF members only. If you’d like to receive general announcements regarding upcoming events and news, please e-mail info@teamrunflagstaff.com.

Where and when are practices held?

Generally speaking, the team meets for track practices at 6 p.m. each Tuesday at the NAU outdoor track or the NAU indoor track. We only cancel practice if there is lightning, or too much ice or snow on the track.

How long do practices last?

We spend an hour together, but you are free to come and go as your schedule allows.

What if I can't run fast enough to keep up with everyone?

TRF membership truly reflects all ability levels. Our workouts are structured by time intervals, rather than distance covered. This means that we all run for the same amount of time (like 2 minutes or 6 minutes, for example) and everyone runs at his or her own pace. While we may all end up at different spots on the track at the end of each interval, we always regroup before starting the next one.

I always run with my dog; can I bring him or her to the track to exercise?

Having dogs on the track violates our agreement with Northern Arizona University, so we ask that you please leave your pets at home.

Can my child join this organization and participate in the workouts with me?

Your child is welcomed to join TRF practices with a registered parent, free of charge. Note that although there is not charge, children under 18 must still be registered members of TRF and must always be accompanied by parent who is also a registered member.

Can I bring my children to practice if they are not running?

We allow members to bring young children to practices and often have several kids playing together while the runners workout. We simply ask that if you bring children, please be mindful of the following:

  • Coaches are there to assist runners, not play with or watch your children
  • Kids must be carefully watched (and behaviors addressed) by their own parents – this includes keeping children out of the running lanes and other restricted areas
  • Children may NOT access the infield at the NAU outdoor track, to adhere to NAU policy.

What do my membership fees pay for?

As a nonprofit organization, TRF strives to keep annual membership dues as low as possible while covering the costs of coaching, facility access, insurance, and other operational expenses that are necessary to keep the organization sustainable. All programs of TRF, including our community team, Step into Running, and TRF Youth, are self-sustaining, meaning that your registration dollars stay with the program in which you participate.

How do I sign up?

TRF registration is available at RunSignUp!