Board Members and Staff


Board president: Michael Smith
Vice President: Cristy Zeller
Treasurer: John Comer
Secretary: Todd Schultz


Erin Strout – executive director
Michael Smith – TRF head coach
Leah Rosenfeld – TRF assistant coach
Jarred Cornfield – Youth head coach
Stephanie Bruce – Youth assistant coach
Stephanie Edgerton – Step Into Running coach
Shelly Breunig – Step Into Running program coordinator

Volunteer Committees


Comprised of the officers of the board of directors, the executive committee meets when necessary to discuss issues of personnel and other operational concerns of the organization.



The events committee helps organize social events and exclusive offerings for the team. The committee members contribute ideas and execute events to build the TRF community.



The fundraising committee works on soliciting ongoing financial support from sponsors, individual donors, grants, and events.



Members of the communications committee volunteer their time to write press releases, design event flyers, sustain the website, promote TRF through social media and traditional media channels, and help spread the word about what TRF does in the community.



The finance committee is charged with guiding the financial long-term strength and sustainability of the organization.


We are always looking for volunteers. Most committees meet monthly and welcome new members warmly. Email if you are interested in donating some of your time and expertise!